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Artistic Director Anthony Laura, a brilliant, sleeves-rolled-up director, has assembled a team of professionals who outshined much else going on in an exciting year of zoom productions in New York. Mr. Laura has good taste. That means he has a good mind. That means that we can look forward to more years of outstanding theater films from this company. Face to Face Films is our discovery of the year.

- William J. Cataldi

Review of Faces

It is very hard to capture the visceral nature and beautiful nuance that live theater affords.  Well, with an incredibly strong team of actors and a skilled director, The Hours was successful in providing a touching, poignant, moving and tragic theater experience to the viewer.  Each actor was squarely matched to their respective roles.  The solid and steady narration filled in a lot of the details that helped engage the viewer during the performance.

- Jen Bush

Review of The Hours

As we have come to expect, director Anthony Laura has done a fine job guiding his excellent actors through this complicated reading. Indeed, I found it to be more clearly defined and, thus, more engaging than I did Bergman’s film. Mr. Laura’s fine troupe read it with intelligence and understanding. Every moment of the narrative was beautifully defined and the progression of Karin’s illness was sharp and focused. 

- Jan Ewing

Review of Through A Glass Darkly

All-in-all, it was an experience worthy of theater and a wonderful use of technology at a time when we’re all a bit entertainment-starved. I applaud the production work of Face to Face Films (as well to their work to raise money for Covid-19 relief) and look forward to June’s presentation of Doubt by John Patrick Shanley. We may not be able to journey to the theater for some time, but it’s comforting to know that the theater has found a way to come to us.

- Zachary Steele

Review of Little Women

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