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on working with Anthony...

Working with Anthony has been one of the most gratifying and fulfilling experiences in my 20+ years as an actor. Anthony is such a talented director and writer, and his work demonstrates his ardent passion for equality and acceptance of all members of society. His approach to filmmaking is uniquely reflective and humanistic, which has helped me develop a deeper understanding of my craft. Additionally, Anthony goes above and beyond to make every project a true collaborative effort, and ensures that each member of his cast and crew feels valued, respected, and heard. Since joining his company, I have had the opportunity to work on productions that I am truly passionate about, and to play a part in spreading awareness on important societal issues that I hold very dear to my heart. My collaboration with Anthony has helped me to grow not only as an artist but as an advocate for social change.  ​

- Vivien Cardone, Actor

Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films

Anthony has taught me so much! I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to work with him. He is a great director. He has helped me so much by making me grow into a professional. He gives me so many awesome opportunities. He lets me work with adults which helps me be more mature. He encourages me to try out many different scripts even if they are very challenging. He always believes in me. I can't believe I knew him for only a year. It feels like I've known him forever because I've learned so much!

- Alexandra Rooney, Actor

Ensemble Member & Creative Partner of Youth Content at Face To Face Films

​Anthony is an incredibly talented writer and director. From an actor’s standpoint, it is truly such a gift to work under his direction! He is so compassionate, understanding and open to the actors journey in the role he’s written.  This allows such a safe space for us to really dive deep into the character and give the best performance we possibly can. An actors dream!!  

- Meltem Gulturk, Acto​r

Through the past few years of working together, it's become clear that Anthony Laura is one of the hardest working and most organized people I've ever met. He writes, directs, and produces, often multiple projects all at the same time! As an ensemble member, working with him no matter his role is such a unique experience. He really cares about the ideas and viewpoints of everyone involved in his works, and I've never felt so heard as an actor. Anthony's productions truly feel like collaborative efforts, which creates such a special work environment and, ultimately, unique and innovative art.

- Rheanna Salazar, Actor

Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films

Anthony is a director/writer who cares not only for the success of the production but for the well being of every actor he works with. He is patient, gracious, charismatic, kind and brings an energy to the work space that makes everyone in the room breathe a little lighter. Working with Anthony for the past two years has been a great joy. In my opinion, the sign of a great director and writer is their ability to make an actor’s job easier and Anthony does just that. I’m blessed to be able to take the stage in any production he is a part of.

- Chelsea Renae, Actor

Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films

“Working with Anthony is an enriching experience, as he creates a rehearsal environment that allows one to feel comfortable to explore and discover new things constantly. He is a true collaborator, giving his actors the freedom to express any thoughts, ideas, and concerns without judgement. Encouraging us to consistently dig for new layers and guiding us as we navigate any challenge that presents itself in the process.” 

- Katia Mendoza, Actor

Ensemble Member  at Face To Face Films

Anthony is one of the most collaborative and passionate directors I've ever worked with. He allows actors to bring their own authentic experience to the role and then works with you to create a dynamic and genuine character. He creates a safe space for actor's to express themselves freely and play. It's truly been a treat getting to work with him for Girl With The Red Hair.  

- Mia Rose Kavensky, Actor

Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films

Anthony is one of the most supportive directors I know. His ability to cultivate and nurture a creative environment is unlike any other I've worked with. An artist's dream collaboration.The specificity of his ideas coupled with the ability to draw out nuanced performances from his actors create the most beautiful reflections of humanity in art. 

- Kristen Seavey, Actor

Ensemble Member & Creative Partner at Face To Face Films

I've had the pleasure of working with Anthony Laura for over four years now and I am thankful for every project I get to do with him. Anthony knows exactly what his visions need to be to become a work of art. His vision is what drives the company and what allows it to succeed. I am honored to be able to work alongside him and create music for those visions. I always feel comfortable and respected while working with Anthony and that is why this company has become the family that it is. Even if we may have different ideas for certain projects or scenes I always feel proud of the final outcome we create and trust in Anthony's perspective for what will work best.

- Philip Lauto, Composer

Resident Composer at Face To Face Films

I’ve worked with Anthony for about six months and I’ve had nothing but positive interactions and experiences. I vividly remember seeing “The Girl With The Red Hair” and strongly believing it was perfect in creating interesting and memorable characters as well as creating a compelling narrative. I was given the opportunity to write for Face to Face in early Summer and it’s been nothing short of incredible. Anthony is kind, creative, and a strong mentor. I look up to him because of his excellent writing and his efforts to help me become a better storyteller. Anthony tailors his mentoring from person to person and knows how to connect with them and understand them as a person and as a worker.

- Colton Rooney, Actor

Resident Writer at Face To Face Films

If I can say one thing about Anthony, it's that he loves the work... the process, the collaboration, the discovery. His greatest joy always seeming to be more what he can do for others than for himself, whether that be helping an actor grow, supporting an emerging writer, or in the work itself with the messages he extends to his audience. Anthony pushes actors to bring to life performances that he (and not always the actor themselves) knows they can produce. The confidence and unwavering support that comes with that push is something I am eternally grateful for. Anthony has a deep understanding of both the complexities of the human being and the frailties of the human mind. His mission to share this knowledge with the world, and normalize the conversations surrounding abuse and mental health issues I find to be both courageous and bold. In a sea of one-dimensional roles, Anthony consistently pushes boundaries to create and seek out complex, real stories for actors to learn, grow and play within. In addition to his creative talents, I have to say it has been a pleasure to watch both him and his company grow. Anthony has always stood for community, and to see the incredible family that he has created is such a huge accomplishment. He has managed to find a group of people that are not only incredibly talented but that support, encourage, and cheer each other on. To work with Anthony is to learn, grow, and become a stronger artist in the process.

- Emma Dubery, Actor/Writer

It is for the best that I say that FacetoFaceFilms is a reflection of its leader. From top to bottom, we are a fun and tough group that operates with thoughtfulness, cooperation, and excellence. We are not so much company members as we are members of a rich and expressive family who help build each other up and look out for one another. This is simply because Anthony leads by example, exuding hard work and compassion from every cell in his body. Anthony pours his heart and soul into every project he tackles and into every member he brings on board. He truly cares for us individually and curates a path of growth that is specific and informed for each one of us. In a world so fraught with egos and misaligned intentions, Anthony’s guiding light has served as a refuge for those seeking to better their craft with others that share his altruistic values.

- Gabe Calleja, Actor

Ensemble Member & Creative Partner at Face To Face Films

Working with Anthony Laura has been one of the most unique experiences of my life. When I received the role of “Coury” in “The Girl With the Red Hair”, I was thrilled. It was my first role in a play I had ever gotten since high school. Playing this role has truly taught me the meaning of quality over quantity. Although my character has less frequent appearances than others, Anthony has helped me breathe life into each moment he is present. Anthony has also done what most directors don’t typically do, he allows me to discover things about my character without forcing his intentions or undermining my conclusions. He also respects boundaries. My character has intimate moments with the main character (Hayley Jones), and I have not felt pressured or obliged to do anything beyond the script’s directions. I’ve known directors who have intimidated me into doing things I wasn’t comfortable with, so having someone who looks out for me is very comforting. Anthony has inspired me in many ways. As an aspiring director, writer, producer, and actor, I have been given insight throughout this process. “The Girl With the Red Hair” is a phenomenal play that focuses on love, trauma, mental health, and connection. I hope to one day see it on Broadway or adapted into a film. I think this story speaks volumes and it comes from an authentic place, which is not seen as often. Anthony Laura is more than a director to me, he is a friend.

- Delano Allen, Actor

Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films

Working with Anthony is an absolute dream. His work ethic is praiseworthy and his care for each and every person and aspect of a production is unmatched. He’s not only the living embodiment of collaboration but his sharp-witted attentiveness informs every action and direction he takes. In every piece of work he creates you can feel and experience all the love and care he cultivated within himself and his cast and crew. His trust in the process and his designed ensemble is what makes his work so special. I feel so lucky and beyond grateful I’ve had the opportunity to work with and get to know him.  

- Chelsea MacLaren, Actor

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Anthony for the past couple of months. Before I met him, I read his work and was a big fan of how his dialogue illustrated realistic themes and phrases you hear real people say on a day to day basis. Every character has their own distinct arc, giving the reader and audience a chance to connect with a wide variety of characteristics. As a director, Anthony has an amazing skill of adapting to the ways that different actors work and comprehend notes. He collaborates with his actors on new ideas, always reminding us to fight for what we want. On top of being an incredible writer and director, he’s also such a kind and giving human. He recognizes the needs of those around him and always puts them first. I think his perceptive character is reflected through his writing and direction. In all his work, we see the vulnerability of how humans truly process every feeling they are going through. 

- Jacyln Holliday, Actor

Creative Partner / Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films

I’ve had the privilege of following Anthony Laura’s writing through the years and have found myself continually amazed by the depth of emotion and empathy he weaves through every story. Tackling the big issues we face, often on our own—from sexual abuse to mental health to health issues that force a view on our mortality—is no easy challenge, yet Anthony presents them with poise and tremendous care. He gives his audience a reason to care, a reason to connect, or a feeling they are seen in their journey. If given the opportunity to experience Anthony’s work, do it. Do it immediately. It will leave an indelible mark on your life.

- Zachary Steele, Author of Perfectly Normal

Upon meeting Anthony in a callback at 19, my pre-audition nerves were put at ease after mere moments of workshopping a scene together. In and out of the rehearsal room, that has remained the status quo. Anthony is dedicated to ensuring his collaborators are listened to, supported, and respected through every step of the production process. His zeal for storytelling is contagious, creating collaborative spaces that empower actors’ perspectives and inspire exponential creativity. Anthony’s devotion to specificity of language is tactile—  every draft full of literary allusions that aid in building dynamic characters and evoke empathy from his audiences. In remaining vigilantly engaged with theater in his community and offering spaces for his collaborators to get to know one another beyond rehearsals, the creation of a supportive and tight-knit ensemble is smartly prioritized. 

- Olivia Fergus-Brummer, Actor

Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films

Though I've only known Anthony for less than a year, he has already taught me so much as an artist. He writes stories with beautiful humanity and directs them in an open and collaborative way. He would ask questions about the character or scene that really began to ground me in the role and discover more. Anthony has such a genuine passion for storytelling in a way that's uninhibited. It makes his plays and films fresh and unlike anything I've seen before. I genuinely feel so lucky to work with him as it has already made me a stronger artist.

- Hailey Foss, Actor

Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films 

I very much enjoyed working with Anthony on a 29-hour reading of his play Shadows! I filled in for a sick cast member at the last minute, and what could have been a challenging situation turned out to be very supportive and comfortable. Anthony creates a calm, creative and fun atmosphere for his actors. He respects them and the story he is telling. He creates engaging, believable and unique female characters and tells their stories fearlessly. He goes where the truth leads him.

- Carole Real, Actor and Playwright

Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films

Anthony is one of the most supportive, inspiring, and brilliant directors/ writers I've ever worked with. Not only is his material engaging and straight from the heart, but he creates a loving and uplifting environment for everyone involved. If there is a way to make theatre even more enjoyable, then Anthony has cracked the code.  I always feel supported and appreciated working with him. I learn from him everyday and his passion for what he does is unmatched. He is a collaborative artist and a great leader. It is a pleasure to work with Anthony.  

- Nour Habbash, Assistant Production Manager

Ensemble Member at Face To Face Films 

Working with creative freedom, knowing that when you take a piece to Anthony, he will value what you bring, then develop it with you as an equal collaborator  - is a unique and privileged work scenario. Anthony has always made me feel that what I am contributing is worthy, and at times when I doubt myself, he is able to stand by it with unwavering belief. He does not use limitations as obstacles, he takes them, and figures out the best way to get the most out of them. As someone who writes words to be spoken out loud so profoundly - one of his biggest attributes is  his ability to listen. It has been my pleasure to work with someone of Anthony’s caliber over many years.

- Rose Hart, Singer/Songwriter

Resident Songwriter at Face To Face Films

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